White screen when launching in Win 11

I cannot seem to get the program to maximize in Windows 11. It locks on a white screen without any functionality at all. The mini viewer is working so the program is functional. I just can’t see it in a window

Sorry for the issue. Maybe there was some kind of corruption with our app or database?

If you go to add/remove programs and uninstall our app, reboot - IMPORTANT - then reinstall with “clean install” checked, does it solve it?

Repeated alt/tab between open apps resolves this issue. It seems to be a problem with display output. I have a pretty beefy system so I don’t think it’s display ram or processor power.

It works now. I think I was holding the mouse wrong.

Thanks for reporting this. You weren’t doing anything wrong of course (I get the joke reference) and we’ll see if we can reproduce this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. :+1: