Why are the graphs so beautifully regular? I might have expected some randomness

I’m still experimenting with GW. It’s almost as interesting as Tetris or Sokoban.

I’m deliberately streaming YouTube to give me a continuous download. I’m trying to understand the graph results.

If I select “5 minutes” with maximum aperture (5 mins), the graph is empty.

If I select “3 hours”, with an aperture of about 30 minutes, I see one spike at about 12:00 and one spike at about 12:30. Why is there nothing in between? YouTube is continuous.

If I select 24 hours, with minimum aperture (about 1 hour), I see the same two spikes as for the “3 hour” setting.

In all cases, the spikes have the same amplitude. That seems weird to me. I would have expected some kind of irregular saw-tooth waveform.

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Perhaps you should read this topic about the graphs to see what others, including myself, have learnt.

That topic was partly inspired by this GlassWire blog about the graphs:

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That’s interesting about Youtube. Some of our team used to work in video streaming, and with video streaming and there isn’t much movement the data required should be much lower.