Why dmp file is generated on my desktop

im using the latest version 2.3.323, when the application gets crashed it generate (e.g. GlassWire.exe.11924.dmp) Why?!

Sorry for the issue.

.dmp files are generated by Windows, not GlassWire. This file gives details on why GlassWire crashed, so if you email it to us we can find the problem and fix it. Usually these files are quite large though so you’d have to use something like Google Drive to email us.

Most crashes lately are usually due to a database corruption with GlassWire. Somehow your database was probably corrupted.

Recently someone posted about how they solved this How I fixed my GlassWire database but the easiest solution is a clean install of GlassWire.

After updating to 2.3.323 GlassWire has crashed for me as well several times after waking up the computer from sleep
If it will happen again I’ll submit my dump file too :slight_smile:

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@Y4niv We are grateful to those who submit these files! It helps us find the issue and fix it.

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Same Issue… Version 2.3. and I am a premium subscriber of your product.


I responded to your other dedicated thread, please check. Sorry for the issue.

Hi - upon startup, for the first time since using glasswire (year+), I had a dmp file created on my desktop.

I am using build 2.3.323 - is that the latest version?

The file is only 235mb, possible to send email? if interested?

I restarted glasswire and no dmp file. Should I still reinstall?

We have a new version, please update @Bobr2. If it happens again please let me know.