Why is PC talking to Hulu?

On my PC I see small packets going to auth. hulu. com every minute or so according to Glasswire. The description is Local Network and Host Process for Windows Services. The ip address is a 10.xx.xx.xxx.
I don’t have Hulu on my PC and never watch it there. I do have a smart Samsung TV and watch Hulu on that. My TV and PC are independently connected to the same router via ethernet cables.
So why is my PC talking to Hulu? Is my PC talking to my Samsung TV? I don’t want them communicating. I don’t know how secure the TV is.

What app is related to that host connection to Hulu?

The app says “Host Process for Windows Services.” It receives and sends a small amount of information like every minute. Is there any way to figure out what device is related to the ip 10.xx.xx.xxx?


Yes, please go to the “Things” screen, then do a scan.

I just have the free version so no information shows up in the Scan. The scan found 3 items active which makes sense. I was on my PC, the smart TV was on, and they connect to the router. I had iphone and other WiFi devices offline.
So it’s either the router or the TV. The TV has the Hulu app installed which I use. Is there a trial version that would give all the scan information?

Yes, I would guess it’s the TV. Maybe it uses Chromecast or something like this, and that app is sending the data to help get it working. ?

The TV has the Hulu app on it, and a direct ethernet cable connection to the router. I can unplug my PC and watch Hulu on my TV just fine. That’s what bugs me about my PC sending and receiving packets of data to Hulu. There’s no reason for it. I never watch Hulu on my PC and there’s no Hulu software on it.

There’s also no reason my PC should be talking with my Samsung TV. I never set it up to do that. At one point a month after buying the TV I had to remove the TV from my PC’s device list. It had somehow connected itself to my PC. Maybe there’s some lingering connection going on.

I will follow up with Hulu and Samsung. Thanks for you time.