Why the heck is there NO Change Email option here?

that is a very high security risk, also not all emails services last for ever!

and do NOT tell me to send an email to helpdesk. There is a reason i want to change it

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Hi @punkle,

You will need to email our support team as only they can help you change the email address assicated with your account.

Please email them with the account information. The email address is help@glasswire.com


On that point, I can suggest you -
Set up a forward from your old email address to your new email address.

Choose a reputable email service provider and create a new email account. Make sure to use a strong and unique password. Identify the accounts and services that are linked to your old email address. This may include social media, online banking, subscriptions, and other important accounts.
Go to the account settings for each service and update the email address associated with them to your new one. Send an email to your contacts from your old email address informing them of the change. This can help avoid confusion and ensure they have your latest contact information. If your old email service allows it, you may set up email forwarding to ensure that any messages sent to your old address are automatically forwarded to your new one. This is a temporary solution and may not be available on all platforms. Once you’re confident that you’ve updated all important accounts and informed your contacts, you may consider closing or deactivating your old email account. This step is optional and depends on your preferences.