Wierd GLASSWIRE connections in windows resource monitor, and it DOES NOT show in glasswire

Basically the same problem mentioned in this topic:

But you guys never answered the question, what is this? From the screenshot from my windows source monitor, two of glasswire’s thread is sending and receiving data all the time(the throughput/speed maybe different during the whole time, but definitely always keep going.)

And the most uncomfortable thing is that I Do Not see any of that in glasswire’s own monitor. I tried click the graph and there is no sign of glasswire itself in the app list, and I also tried just open the Apps tab to see all the apps using network during that time, still dead end.

Can you guys just open your windows system resource monitor and maybe you will find the same problem.
Thank you.


This is not a network connection.

You’re looking at the connection between GlassWire.exe (the GlassWire user interface) and GWCtlSrv.exe (the GlassWire driver). This is a connection on your PC of GlassWire and its driver communicating locally on your PC, not a network connection.

Thank you for your reply, and can you elaborate about the difference between this local communication and the local connection in Glasswire’s Usage tab? It seems the latter is also kind of “local communication”.
Thank you!

For GlassWire’s “Usage” tab the “local” option means traffic on your local network. For example if you are connecting to another PC on your LAN or a local Printer.

The connection between our driver and user interface is just a connection on your PC (unrelated to the network) that never goes across any network and nobody can see it or access it, even if they were on your local network.

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Got it, thanks for the explanation.