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Hi Glasswire Team,

Glasswire’s product is good for what it does, but would be greatly improved if it included a wifi analyzer that assisted setting frequencies for multiple WLANs. In a small business, crowded building, high-rise apartment, busy neighborhood, setting the correct channels and bands on your wifi is extremely important to good performance. This is especially true in today’s Work-From-Home on one router/internet line and home network on another.

Additionally, properly setting up the decibel/TX Power levels has a massive effect on neighborhood interference. If you are only using your work-from-home wifi in your basement, a feature that suggested turning down the TX Power and how to properly gauge it for your space or home size would minimize potential interference.

In development, it always helps to have a good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) idea to help kickstart the larger feature. Might I suggest a how-to/troubleshooter style tutorial that walks the user through finding the settings and the rationale behind tuning them?

Example: “TX power tends to be x decibels over x meters/feet in a household. Think about the size of the area you need to cover and plug it into this handy calculator over here. Most routers have a power setting on a page similar to “Wireless → Advanced” - consult your router’s manual to find the location in your admin portal.”

Another example: “Wifi channels can interfere with others - we are building a wifi analyzer tool to help you find which bands and channels to use, but for now the suggested channels to try are 1, 6, and 11 for your 2.4GHz band. If programmable on your router, it can usually be found in your wireless setup page or advanced wireless settings”. Even better, you could suggest an open source tool to help while you build your own?

In Summary: many wireless issues have less to do with traffic inside your network vs. signal interference. - a tool that deals with network traffic and mapping would be very much improved with WiFI analysis added.


Thanks for your feedback. I have personally used such a tool and I agree it’s useful! We have thought about adding more smaller network related tools, but we worry about having so many features/tools that our app becomes too complex.


Welcome aboard PrometheusRising! There is a tool for android that does all what you say. Net Analyzer is the name of it. You can find it on google play. Also on Windows in Microsoft store. It’s really good for finding what you’re looking for. I’ve used it number of times for my WIFI as well as other networks.I have the Network Analyzer Pro. Here’s the Website, (would not load)

Hope that helps! :smiley:

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Okay, I may have type it in wrong. I’ll check and make sure. :smiley:

Put simply, a WiFi analyzer will analyze your wireless network, helping you to identify any dead spots and optimize your access point locations. An access point is a piece of wireless network hardware that essentially acts as a portal for your main local area network.

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