Will this work for home network monitoring

I am on a Cellular internet service due to where I live. I have a desktop, a laptop and 4 tablets (2 Ipads and 2 Amazon Fire Kids Tablets) that would be using the home network as well as 3 smart tvs. I use the desktop to stream videos to the TVs and laptop and in the future possibly the tablets. I want to be able to track the internet usage but the cellular router will only track total usage and when that tracking is turned on the speed is too slow for me to work from home. I would like a way to track which device is using how much of the internet and then on the device be able to track which app is using the most to block or remove. Being able to work from home is mandatory in my current job and if I go over the data limit on the cellular service I get charged extra for the first 10gig and then get additional charges and slower speeds after that. Will Glasswire be able to meet those needs?

Thanks for trying GlassWire. Unfortunately GlassWire cannot track your entire network because that would mean it would need to interface with your router.

However many people world-wide use GlassWire to stay under their ISP and mobile data limits. The reason people use GlassWire to stay under their data limits is because in most cases PCs are responsible for data overages and GlassWire can show you in detail what apps/hosts are responsible for using your data. You can then block those apps with our firewall, or just uninstall them.

We also have an Android app GlassWire - Mobile Data Usage Firewall for Android that also focuses on data usage, and can show data usage for WiFi and mobile.

GlassWire also has a “Things” list that shows all the IOT (Things) on your network. It can alert you when a new unknown device joins and starts wasting your data.