Window position & size

I have noticed that GW is not “always” remembering the window position and size I set.
In time it ends up in the very top left-hand side of screen, and reverts back to its original size. This was a problem in the past which got fixed with an update, but it is back again for some reason.
I have the latest version 105 installed. FYI. This also happen on the previous version 102.
OS Windows 10Pro.
Thank you.


Nobody else has reported this yet. Do you use any Windows utilities that control window size/position by chance?

How can we recreate this? Please let me know the steps so I can try to make it happen with my PC.

Hi Ken
No not using, any “Windows utilities that control window size/position”.
I have now moved the window to a different part of my screen, and will monitor this further. It usually takes a few days and reboots to show that the window has changed position. Will let you know if the problem returns.

Yes, I’ve observed that on a Win 10 1709 Pro system running Basic.

But only after a system restart. Once resized, the size and position are persistent. Until the next restart.

It doesn’t occur after a hibernation wake up.

As I normally use hibernation on all my systems (one GW Basic, three Pro) I would not have noticed this.

Coincidentally, on Tuesday on the system referenced above, I was testing an app having a particularly worthless uninstall (crashed half way through even with Revo’s Hunter) which I had to take on manually, requiring several restarts.

Each time, GW opened to size 1367x531 parked at 225x450 on a 1920x1080 monitor; I just restarted it to get that data. Once I set the vertical to about 1000, it stays there. Until a restart.

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Thanks. We’ll try to reproduce this and fix it permanently.

Hi there,

same problem here - after restart my Glasswire windows is small. I dont actually mind that it changes position, but the size is annoying.

Windows 10 Ent N 1709

Hi Ken
Just reporting back that it is still happening ever second or so days after rebooting.
OS Win 10 1709 Pro.
Now looks like i am not the only one this happens too.
Thank you.

[quote=“GlassWare, post:7, topic:6376”]
Hi Ken
Just reporting back that it is still happening every fourth or so day. I am rebooting the PC each day.
[/quote] I have even updated to the latest version when it was released, and it still happens. I would say it would be the same for a few others as well, that reported on this topic.

Thanks. We’ll keep trying to make this happen. I’m having trouble recreating the problem even after multiple reboots and testing. Our QA can’t recreate it either yet.