Window position & size


I have noticed that GW is not “always” remembering the window position and size I set.
In time it ends up in the very top left-hand side of screen, and reverts back to its original size. This was a problem in the past which got fixed with an update, but it is back again for some reason.
I have the latest version 105 installed. FYI. This also happen on the previous version 102.
OS Windows 10Pro.
Thank you.



Nobody else has reported this yet. Do you use any Windows utilities that control window size/position by chance?

How can we recreate this? Please let me know the steps so I can try to make it happen with my PC.


Hi Ken
No not using, any “Windows utilities that control window size/position”.
I have now moved the window to a different part of my screen, and will monitor this further. It usually takes a few days and reboots to show that the window has changed position. Will let you know if the problem returns.