Windows 10 BSOD while using Power BI Desktop + Glasswire

When I work on the PBI Desktop app at some point, everything blocks and windows crashes with the blue screen and error code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION

This stops happening after I stop the Glasswire app and stop the services.

Found the solution from this link where the same has happened to another one as well.
https:// community.powerbi .com/t5/Issues/Windows-10-crashes-with-blue-screen-while-using-Power-BI-Desktop/idi-p/975581

Please Help.

Thank you for your report.

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have? Can you see if there are any updates for Power BI Desktop also?

Current Glasswire Version 2.2.304

I Have the latest PowerBI Version. I have tried The Latest PowerBI from the website and MS Store.
Also tried Many old versions of PowerBI as well. Tried with a fresh install on both my PC and Laptop. Had the same problem.

The problem only started around a few months ago. so I guess maybe the new glasswire version might be the issue. but I couldn’t find any download links for the older glasswire versions.

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Is it important you keep your GlassWire data usage history? Usually crashes with GlassWire are due to a corruption of our database. A clean install may solve this.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.
Reinstall our latest version with “clean install” checked.

If that doesn’t solve it, do you see any .dmp files on your desktop? If not, then it may not be GlassWire crashing.

did a clean install still the same.

I have also previously started with a clean windows install too. still the problem was there.

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If you run Windows update will it solve it? Sometimes GlassWire can be unstable with very old Windows versions.


Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎2021-‎03-‎15
OS build 19042.867
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

this is the OS version currently running. It was downloaded on the day it was installed on. also All windows updates are installed

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Next time you crash please send me the .dmp GlassWire generates on your desktop.

Please use a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Please include a link to this thread so I know what this is about.

Glasswire does not crash its windows that’s getting the BSOD

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Sorry for the issue. The .dmp is actually generated by Windows itself, not GlassWire. If Windows is not generating a .dmp for GlassWire then it should not be GlassWire that’s crashing.

Where do you see the “watchdog violation” in relation to GlassWire? Could that software be incorrect?