Windows 10 May 2020 aka 2004 released! - Lunarsoft

A heads up that Windows 10 2004 has been released!


Have you updated to that version? It isn’t showing up for me yet.

How is GlassWire 2.2 working with that update?

@Ken_GlassWire Glasswire works great on the May Update 2004 I did most of the latest Beta of Glasswire using build 2004.

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One of our team now has this update and they said GlassWire is working great with it. Great news!

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I updated using the Media Creation Tool this time rather than Windows Update. Zero issues.

Considering having Glasswire clear out all the apps detected and go fresh.

Found one minor bug so far. Last run defrag isn’t remembered on reboot. That’s it though!

Right,Media Creation Tool can indeed do this.

Interesting thing to note, Microsoft has retroactively called this 20H1.