Windows 11 Pro exploited?

I have a new laptop with Windows 11 Pro installed. I have good reason to believe my home network has been compromised by a malicious hacker nearby. Anyone can read instructions on how to exploit. So easy, a child can do it.

Several events occurred that lead me to believe my new laptop has been compromised as well. These aren’t conclusive so I’m asking your advice.

  1. Notepad had 6 tabs open that I didn’t create/open, each containing a bit of data that I copy/pasted into a text document (one was my Glasswire registration number). These mystery tabs in Notepad were all unsaved.

  2. A path to a file from my file:///C:Users/[Me]/AppData/Local/Temp folder ending with .xpi was found in a Firefox tab search bar.

  3. Glasswire crashed. I have the .dmp file. How can I have support look at it?

I know there are vulnerabilities on Windows 11 and all OS’s but how can Glasswire prevent exploitations? Thanks.