Windows Firewall and Glasswire Firewall enabled?

should i enable Windows Firewall and Glasswire Firewall or is the Windows Firewall alone enough ?


The GlassWire firewall is a management interface to set rules in Windows Firewall. GlassWire is much easier to use than entering rules directly in Windows Firewall. That is why Windows Firewall must be enabled for the Firewall tab to be usable in GlassWire.

Your question is quite common and has been asked before, for example:

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Also Glasswire is only a outbound Firewall so with Windows Firewall and Glasswire you have both Inbound and outbound protection.

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It is not very clear, at least at your home page, that GlassWire manages Windows’ own firewall. For example, the phrase “GlassWire’s firewall reveals all your network activity…” makes it sound like it is an actual firewall.

I’m just another GlassWire user so you’d need to address this to GlassWire staff.

By the way, it is common for anti-virus/security vendors to use the term “firewall” for their management interface added to the Windows firewall.

Windows firewall used is for protection against the virus and hackers attacks. It work as a security layer with different level of security that you can know by checking pruthtech site