Windows Firewall - Deleted Entries Bug

I noticed entries I delete from GlassWire Control Panel do not affect the Windows Firewall.

Most recently I had a game from Steam installed (Crazy Taxi) which I blocked in GCP.

After I uninstalled the game, I removed the Crazy Taxi entry from GCP, the next day I noticed the Crazy Taxi entry was still in Windows Firewall as a {glasswire app##} (but not on GCP).

This is a major issue as it clutters the Windows Firewall with entries, and GCP fails to properly track and delete those entries.

I’m on the latest Windows 10 Version and was using the trial version of GCP (was actually looking into buying it, until I ran into this issue).

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Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll look at ways to improve removing older rules in the future. We sort our rules separately under GlassWire and separate them from other rules so they can be monitored and removed easily, and so they will not cause problems with other Windows Firewall API rules.

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