Windows Remote Desktop enable/disable

i have a remote server where i want to use glasswire to enable and disable remote connections to it, however i cannot find any trace on the firewall monitor when i connect with windows remote desktop so i can click the burning icon on it!


On a remote server please be careful using GlassWire because it’s possible you could accidentally block yourself from connecting remotely.

Could you explain more about what you’re seeing on the server, or maybe email us a screenshot? I’m not sure I understand.

i have port 7010 open and i connect to glasswire
however there is a remote desktop service running on the server and i want to block it from glasswire so i can block/unblock that service when i like, if i disable that service from windows i wont be able to reopen it…

remote desktop service is currently hammered from various bots that try to find the password, thats the reason i want to temp close it

I am still not 100% sure I understand, but if you want to email with a screenshot I think I can figure it out. Is it an app that should be showing up in the firewall list but it doesn’t appear? If so what’s the name of the app that should be on there?

Thanks and sorry for any confusion.

windows remote desktop… is a windows built in mechanism to access your desktop remotely, the question is if i can block that with glasswire… there is no screenshot to show you since that is not listed in glasswire even when i am logged in remotely to the server, it just says “RDP connected” or “RDP disconnected”

We know what Windows RDP is, there are some applications that use this service to connect, that is why he was asking if it was a separate application.

If you are asking if you would be able to enable and disable RDP from your desktop to turn on and off RDP on the server you cannot. There is no functionality currently built-in to Glasswire to enable/disable firewall services remotely. Obviously, if you install glass wire on the server and disable RDP it will kill your connection and you won’t be able to login, thus nullifying the purpose.

So if I am understanding you correctly Glasswire does not suit your use case.

I believe @GlassFlare is correct, sorry @SirNicolas.

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this is a one year old post and since then i stopped using glasswire, but in anycase i had no problem with RDP but i wanted to turn off and on the firewall rule for it so i can enable RDP only when i wanted, RDP is very insecure to be left open all the time to the world…

i did configured a vpn server however since then and redisigned the whole network so now glasswire is not needed

It should be most probably a firewall issue. Not sure if the owner of the thread managed to deal with it at the end.

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