[wishlist] SNMP monitoring, especially for ADSL modems

This is most likely a Pro kind of feature. I’d like to be able to monitor my router/modem’s total bandwidth use across wifi/ethernet/DSL. The modem provides an SNMP daemon for this and I believe it’s relatively standardised (per manufacturer at least)


I would be interested in this feature, could it work with a Syslog server ?

We’re in the early stages of investigating this. I’ll check out SNMP in detail, thank you for your suggestion.

Peter, syslog is a different protocol but this would be a great addition also, do you want to create a different post for it?

Hi voltagex
Im hoping Ken or one of the team will say if Syslog is feasible.

Really liking GlassWire and would be looking to get the Pro edition.

I don’t know much about Syslog but we’ll investigate it. Thank you.