[wishlist] why not show download and upload speeds next to each app?!

Hello MR Ken.
i just installed GlassWire yesterday.and i loved this pretty usefull software.the only thing i think it misses is showing the current download and upload speeds of each individual app next to it.GlassWire just shows the amount of data downloaded and uploaded.
and one more thing i find the graph system GlassWire uses difficult to read.it just shows a one number of speed the biggest speed achieved in the last couple of minutes.why GlassWire doesn’t view a range of speeds horizantaly like 100,80,60,40,20,10.that’s all
again thanks for the software.it’s amazing.i hope you implement these features soon.


Thanks. We’ll work on implementing some of these ideas for 2.0.

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I would love this feature as well.

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Has this feature been implemented? I downloaded current glasswire but only see total downloaded, not current speed for each app.

It is challenging to implement because it will use a lot of CPU and resources. We’ll continue investigating how to do this. Thanks for your feedback.

I use netlimiter 4 which already has this functionality and it barely uses any cpu or resources, practically none. So I think it wouldn’t make a huge impact.

Thanks for looking at it.

Are you certain that it is difficult to implement?

NetLimiter only shows the rate per second (B/s, KB/s, MB/s) so doing the same in GlassWire should not be difficult to implement as that data is relatively ephemeral and doesn’t need to be saved to disk.



I don’t know. Perhaps I am thinking about our mobile app and not Windows.

First, thanks a lot for creating this amazing app. I think showing both the upload and download speed on the android app would be a great improvement. Looks like “network monitor mini pro” app found a way to do this without using too many resources.

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