Wrong Traffic meter!

Please do something, whats wrong with GlassWire, Wrong number there!!

Check imgur because new user cannot upload images which is annoying the real traffic is 38 GB while GlassWire is 9GB


Please go to the “Options” menu that’s directly above the arrow you drew and see if GlassWire is configured to count the same traffic as the other monitor. Perhaps they are counting different traffic types.
Also please go to the top left “GlassWire” menu and choose “About” and let me know what version you are using. Thank you.

it counts all local and external…
version: 1.0.25b

Is it incoming and outgoing also? Is it possible the other network monitor you’re using could have different settings? We did have a bug with this in a previous version of GlassWire. Maybe the logs were collected with that previous version?

I haven’t installed any previous version of glasswire… so this the only version I have… I didn’t play with logs or any file of glasswire!
I am sure that there’s a bug in this version!

What OS are you using? Is there anything unusual about your computer? We’ll try to recreate this problem on our end, thank you.

Windows 7 32bit…
No unusual programs…

Did you reboot immediately after installing GlassWire? We don’t force a reboot but if you don’t reboot GlassWire does not pick up and detect all network connections. On install GlassWire will say you should reboot to detect all network connections.

I did… i installed it 4.10.2014, but all i see that the program counts from 11.10.2014… i don’t know where’s the rest of data gone!!!

You rebooted immediately on install or later? If you rebooted later then the data may have been lost for some applications that were already connected. Sorry for any confusion.

immediately i guess, i reboot my pc every day by the way…

We’ll try to recreate this problem on our end and see if it’s a bug. Thanks for your report. So far I haven’t seen any similar reports like this.

Ok… thank you …
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