You are already authenticated as different user

I registered online, and accidentally made a mistake with my email address. I can’t create another (correct) account as the website says ‘You are already authenticated as different user, Please sign out first.’

On the web, how do you sign out, so I am able to create a new account and login to the app?

If you are talking about logging out of the web portal look to the top right where you see your name, click, and you will see the logout.

Just close the browser and try again

Hi Justin,

There are a couple of things we can do here. You can send an email to including the incorrect email details and what you would like us to adjust them to. Or you can create a new account. as the endpoint app is already associated with the account you have created, you will need to delete it from this account. You can do this from the Management Console: Endpoints > 3 dot menu > Delete Endpoint. The local app will then be signed out and you can go ahead and create a new account with the correct email address.


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clear your web browser’s cookies @Justin_D