Yourphone.exe and other frequently changing exe files

I have been a happy GlassWire users for over a year now. Great product.

One thing that has annoyed me is that when you deny an exe if that exe changes it asks again if you want to allow it access. This is most noticable with the Windows yourphone.exe (I think that is the name, my apps list got cleared as I just updated). It seems as if Microsoft changes that every other day and it triggers a new prompt.

I think the functionality should be like when an allowed exe changes. By default you allow the new version with a quick popup saying “blah.exe changed”. The block should be the same. If I have said block whatever.exe in the past then always block it from now on (even when it changes) unless I go in and specifically start granting it access.

Just makes it smoother and stops me having to re-block already blocked exe files.

Thanks for the consideration.

yep +1 with you on this,
glasswire needs to fully support windows store apps and not create duplicate entires and ask for permission after an update

We are actively working on this. Thanks for your feedback.