2.0.91 Cant start service/Cant connect to local server

Same issue as 2.0.84. Obviously you changed some serious coding from 2.0.80 and its not working. Yet again I upgraded and when glasswire starts says it cannot start the service and cannot connect to local server. What is going on? Two horrible updates in a row. When I put 2.0.80 back on it works fine.

On a side note why is it everytime I come to this forum the first thing I get is:

Cannot load app

It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.
'When I refresh the forum loads.


We did not change the service between updates. Is it possible to uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then try the installer’s “clean” install option?

@Ken_GlassWire, It’s a good thing I received the email indicated GW upgraded to otherwise, I would never know. Thanks!


@Ken_GlassWire, I did not receive any email, no notification of new update. I have to check web site every other day for updates.


We have not yet sent out an update alert for this version.

I’ve got this issue also and its relatively recent. I seem to be on 2.0.84 I just updated to the latest version and that is the same or possibly worse.

Using “services.msc” you can see the service is taking ages to start (its in “starting” mode for yonks).

This could also explain why any update within the last year or 2 have been very problematic.

I think glasswire could afford to invest some effort into logging to the event log as well as files. As far as I can see there is no logging or even option for one, that that explains the lack of reliability to me anyway. I can’t even move the glasswire window at this time!


You said “last year or 2 have been very problematic”? What problems have you been having for two years?

Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop? If so, can you email them to us?

I’ve reported it a number of times. It might be a milder case of this issue as the client would never ever connect after an update and reboot, I’d have to uninstall and reinstall a second time, I’d had to do that for all recentish updates. The update to 2.0.84 took 3 goes. Before this recent issue after the update I wouldn’t have issues with the client connecting for subsequent restarts (maybe I should try reinstall…).

Obviously the service is waiting for something, it would be nice if the client:

  • Kept retrying connecting
  • Told us what was going on (I assume it could actually connect but the service is waiting on something, so not actually a failure to connect).

There are no “.dmp” files on my desktop.

C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop>dir *.dmp
 Directory of C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop
 File Not Found

Clean install don’t help !!!
Please give us a real working solution.



Please email me for instructions on how to enable custom logs so we can recreate/fix this.

The logs I sent didn’t seem to contain much information (and definitely don’t appear verbose). Anything show up? Whats next?


I didn’t get the logs for some reason, can you resend?
This time please cc our “help” and “bugs” email addresses simultaneously.


I rebooted to capture the issue, I had this issue as well as the not being able to move client window issue.

This would appear to be the cause:

DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_600sec_1510617600.db is OK

Obviously the other bug is the lack of retrying by the client.

This site doesn’t allow attachment of anything but images so here is the log:

18:03:39.0 [EVENT]  Service initialization. Version 2.0.91
18:03:39.1 [EVENT]  Log configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\log.conf
18:03:39.2 [EVENT]  Loading configuration.
18:03:39.3 [EVENT]  Main configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.conf
18:03:39.4 [EVENT]  Database storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
18:03:39.5 [EVENT]  GeoIP storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\GeoLite2.mmdb
18:03:39.6 [EVENT]  Type storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\storage.db
18:03:39.7 [EVENT]  Configuration loading done.
18:03:39.8 [EVENT]  Loading main storage: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
18:03:43.9 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db is OK
18:03:44.10 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db is OK
18:03:44.11 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\storage.db is OK
18:03:45.12 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db is OK
18:03:45.13 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_1sec_1519776000.db is OK
18:03:49.14 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_30sec_1518652800.db is OK
18:05:06.15 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_600sec_1510617600.db is OK
18:05:32.16 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_30sec_1515974400.db is OK
18:05:32.17 [HINT]   License file loading status: 1, path: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\license.dat
18:05:32.18 [HINT]   License file parse status: 1
18:05:32.19 [HINT]   License is OK.
18:05:32.20 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: SESSEVT (Session events notification thread), pid=8552, action = 0
18:05:32.21 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: ASIO (Handles ASIO events), pid=8008, action = 0
18:05:32.22 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: WORKER (Worker thread), pid=5776, action = 1
18:05:32.23 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: PULLER (Driver data pull-out thread), pid=12280, action = 2
18:05:32.24 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: HELPER (Long time tasks helper thread), pid=8512, action = 3
18:05:32.25 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: ALERTS (Alert handlers thread), pid=1212, action = 4
18:05:32.26 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: STATS (Statistics storage thread), pid=15256, action = 5
18:05:32.27 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: HTTP (HTTP helper thread), pid=3068, action = 6
18:05:32.28 [HINT]   Thread STARTED: DATABASE (Database handlers thread), pid=1068, action = 7
18:05:35.29 [EVENT]  DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_1sec_1519776000.db is OK
18:05:35.30 [EVENT]  Started listener: name='Local listener', bound_ip_addr='', cid=0
18:05:35.31 [EVENT]  Started listener: name='Main listener', bound_ip_addr='', cid=1
18:05:35.32 [EVENT]  New session: sid=0, type='listener'
18:05:35.33 [EVENT]  Session state changed: sid=0, state='connecting'
18:05:35.34 [EVENT]  Session state changed: sid=0, dist='not defined', state='established'
18:05:35.35 [EVENT]  Process started: session_id = '1', user = 'Dennis', path = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\GWIdlMon.exe'
18:05:35.36 [EVENT]  New session: sid=1, type='listener'
18:05:35.37 [EVENT]  Session state changed: sid=1, state='connecting'
18:05:35.38 [EVENT]  Session state changed: sid=1, dist='not defined', state='established'

This is the stats directory (I’d have thought the info should be logged):

 Directory of C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\stats

01/03/2018  04:40 PM    <DIR>          .
01/03/2018  04:40 PM    <DIR>          ..
28/02/2018  06:07 PM                 0 glasswire_stats_600sec_1494547200.db-wal
28/02/2018  06:05 PM                 0 glasswire_stats_30sec_1515974400.db-wal
02/03/2018  06:43 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_600sec_1510617600.db-shm
02/03/2018  06:43 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519862400.db-shm
02/03/2018  07:27 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_600sec_1494547200.db-shm
02/03/2018  06:44 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519776000.db-shm
02/03/2018  06:44 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_30sec_1515974400.db-shm
02/03/2018  06:43 AM            32,768 glasswire_stats_30sec_1518652800.db-shm
28/02/2018  09:17 PM           416,152 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519776000.db-wal
02/03/2018  10:16 AM           667,472 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519862400.db-wal
02/03/2018  10:10 AM         1,048,576 glasswire_stats_600sec_1510617600.db-wal
02/03/2018  10:16 AM         1,048,576 glasswire_stats_30sec_1518652800.db-wal
12/02/2018  09:36 PM         9,572,352 glasswire_stats_600sec_1478476800.db
02/03/2018  10:16 AM        11,411,456 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519862400.db
28/02/2018  09:17 PM        12,533,760 glasswire_stats_1sec_1519776000.db
02/03/2018  10:16 AM        58,888,192 glasswire_stats_30sec_1518652800.db
14/02/2018  08:58 PM       240,889,856 glasswire_stats_30sec_1515974400.db
02/03/2018  10:10 AM       396,206,080 glasswire_stats_600sec_1510617600.db
19/12/2017  09:12 PM       487,669,760 glasswire_stats_600sec_1494547200.db
              19 File(s)  1,220,548,840 bytes

@dbareis @Anjoland @rds

If you are still experiencing this problem can you email us https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ with a link to this thread? We can send you a new unreleased beta to test.

Email sent to https://www.glasswire.com/help/ no response so far


Don’t worry. I have received a Beta-Test-Version after 3 days.
I think the support has a of e-mails, so u must still wait.

I have your emails collected, but I’m waiting for the beta to be finished before I send it. Sorry for the delay.


I just found the beta email and installed it, no change. The download is called “glasswire-setup-2.0.98.exe” but it installs files dated 7/3/18 and version 2.0.94

Looking into this more I can see that there is not only the existing issue with service startup but a similar issue with shutdown, so my install new version and this issue seem to have the same basic cause.

After uninstalling glasswire you need to boot before installing it or after reboot glasswire is missing its service this is because (a bit of guessing):

  1. The service takes so long to stop that windows installer gives up, marks it deleted and schedules deletion (after restart).
  2. You install the new version of glasswire
  3. Reboot
  4. The scheduled service deletion deletes the newly installed service.

I was going to say that I thought the beta had fixed the move window issue however its probably that its intermittent (or maybe the beta partially fixes it). When it happens the window can’t be moved by normal means (grabbing the titlebar), you have to grab lower down. When normal you can grab either location.

can you send me this new BETA version too?!
I moved the DB from the SSD to the HDD and the GW service locks the HDD into full 100% usage for quite a while (maybe a 1, 1 and 1/2 minute) and the GW client times out


Could you email our helpdesk, then add a link to this thread? Thanks!