2.2.268 - Firewall setting GONE!

And just like v2.2.258 after installation of 2.2.268 all my firewall settings are blown away. Empty. But the bad news doesnt end there, I tried the manual Service-Full procedure, but the service.backup_2020.11.10-14.29.47 directory that was created was EMPTY!!!
Luckily I do nightly backups and copied over last nights Service-Full and got things going again. But this is unacceptable at this time, this is not a new bug, and if others dont have backups they can really be screwed. I have pretty much lost all confidence in this software. Inexcusable.

I apologize for the problem. Is it possible you clicked the “reset firewall” option when installing this version?

We will test with our quality assurance team and see if we can recreate this issue.

So, from my posts and others, the GlassWire team were well aware that:

Upgrading from v2.2.241 to v2.2.258 wiped out settings and history.
Upgrading from v2.2.258 to v2.2.260 wiped out settings and history.

And now you’ve released v2.2.268 with the same problem? Without making extra sure that you devoted time and attention to getting to the bottom of this and making sure that this serious problem is properly fixed?

I haven’t upgraded my v2.2.260 to v2.2.268 yet, because I’ve been burned twice already, as described above. But if this report is true, it shows just how little you care for your users. How irresponsible of you.

I’m sorry you experienced this problem. I am also using our latest version but I did not experience this issue during the upgrade.

Our software upgrades are tested by our QA team before going live. We did not have this error during this update, and nobody else has reported this issue so far.

If anyone else is having the issue please let me know what version of GlassWire you used previously if possible. It will help us understand how this could happen.

What a joke of a reply. You’re saying exactly the same things that were said for the last few versions.

“But we didn’t experience the problem ourselves!”

Also, the same questions were asked by you guys last time. What versions were you running previously, etc. All information was provided.

So the summary is, with the knowledge of the existence of the problem, and the information provided by users for the past few versions, you didn’t get to the bottom of the problem, didn’t find exactly what needed to be fixed in the code, and just went ahead and released a new version anyway (knowing that no specific fix had been made). All because “we didn’t experience it ourselves!” (and “maybe the bug just disappeared on its own without us fixing anything!”)

And now you’re just asking the same questions again, starting the cycle again, as if it’s a new issue.

Your reaction is quite harsh. Have you considered that perhaps something in your system configuration is not quite “mainstream”, and that the QA testing didn’t account for that? Just wondering, not criticizing…

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Same problem here from the version 241… never had this problem before !


So you updated from 2.2.241 to 2.2.268, or what version? It was a known issue with 2.2.260, but we quickly put out a fix for it earlier this year. Details are here.

No Servo, I made the same updates as harkonnen and in each case there was a loss of data and settings.
On these occasions, we have been in contact here with Ken. He gives us a procedure which work, but the updates do not solve the underlying problem!


Sorry, I do not understand what version of GlassWire you used previously? Please confirm so I can be sure there is no misunderstanding.

Version 260 on 2 PCs !


Thanks, we’ll investigate and try to reproduce the issue.

I think it’s most likely related to the known issue with 2.2.258 that was quickly fixed with the 2.2.260 release.

If you did use 2.2.258 before 2.2.260 then the issue could still happen due to changes we made to solve the issue with 2.2.260.

This was the case on the 2 PCs.
I’m now with version 268 and I again successfully applied the procedure Ken gave us.

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If anyone else is having this issue these instructions can solve it in most situations.

The issue should be temporary due to a known bug in a earlier version of our software and it should not happen going forward.

We will try to recreate this to see if there is a way the bug continued on somehow.

Just wanted to say that I’ve just updated from 2.2.260 to 2.2.268 and all of my settings and firewall rules were saved, nothing is missing :slight_smile:

So, I just wanted to let you know, I am fairly new to glasswire and I just updateed and lost all my settings as well, I was updating from 241 as well, I was looking around and thought, I want to change my theme. Well I changed my theme and once I did this all my logs and settings were restored. I am not sure how or if this will help anyone but thought I would let the community know my little experience with the loosing settings and data update bug.

Hope this helps.


Sorry for the issue. I updated the instructions so they are more clear so people know they should also restart the GlassWire UI if they run into this issue.

All this means is that you never installed version 2.2.258, which was briefly made available before version 2.2.260. It is version v2.2.258 that screwed up the GlassWire installation on people’s computers in such a way that upgrades to any subsequent releases continued to wipe out settings and history each time. Count yourself lucky that you never installed v2.2.258.