"Application info changed" - false positives

Suddenly, today, at each computer startup I get false alerts to the effect that Mailwasher’s info has changed. Now, GW isn’t helping, because it does not say what it is supposed to have changed from and to! So, that’s an issue in itself, which needs to be fixed anyway. ALL ‘application info changed’ alerts should clearly display what has changed (i.e., ‘from’ and ‘to’).

But in any case, as far as I can tell, there has been no change. MailWasher remains the same version and path, and I’ve checked in the MailWasher folder and found no sign of any files in that folder having been changed this month, including the MW main program file.

I see that on 18th November I got a couple of GW alerts over MailWasher, and they did say what the change was (that was when I updated MW to the latest version), and after that, until today, GW has correctly not reported any changes for MW.



Hello Philip,

So far nobody else has reported this with our latest software release. Is it possible you’re using an older GlassWire version that used to have a bug that caused false application info change positives?

Are you sure MailWasher doesn’t auto-update somehow?

Thanks for reporting this.

Hi there, Servo.

Be assured, I too was wondering about MW auto-updating - though it has never done so before the current version, and it still has a bug that prevents any attempt at update check working. I checked the dates of the files in the MW program directory specifically to eliminate the auto-updating possibility.

My GW version is 1.0.30b

Hope that helps!


I have had this alert before, when steam was updating my games.
It did not displayed the versions (from and to) but only said the executable changed like in your screenshot.
Sadly, I cleared my history because GW started taking up too much RAM so I cant show any proof.

I can now update to make my initial report clearer. On the day of my original post, I got that false alert on two out of three computer start-ups during the day. The third startup that day, and all the time since then so far, I have had no false alerts, MailWasher or otherwise. That of course doesn’t mean that GW has no issue, but rather, that the issue looks likely to be hard to trace as it’s showing only occasionally.

Incidentally, when any program file unexpectedly changes or might have changed (i.e., a GW false alert) I routinely use GW’s really convenient virus scan button just to make sure that the file hasn’t had something nasty added. No positive results so far from my doing that!



But wouldn’t the alert be correct if Steam was updating your games?

In my case, yes. I was just pointing out the possibility that it might not be a false positive after all.

EDIT : just got this today after Windows update reboot.

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