Application version changed to same version

It seems that even the latest version of GlassWire, v2.2.258, is very confused about version numbers.

I’ve just upgraded XYplorer from v21.0.0.0 to v21.10.0.0.

This is the alert I’ve just received in GlassWire:


Here is a screenshot of the Details pane of the Properties of the actual application executable that has just been installed:

GlassWire simply cannot be trusted to provide accurate information.


Sorry for the issue. I wonder if the full version number was just cut off? If you maximize GlassWire is it still cut off?

Are you sure the previous version was, or did you mean it was and it was a typo?

I looked at the XYplorer and it appears the previous version was actually 20.90.0900 as GlassWire’s alert shows.

@Ken_GlassWire No information is missing from the screenshot. I cropped the empty space in the middle of the screenshot (taken originally from a fully maximized window) before posting it.

Yes, the previous version was

Releases of XYplorer follow a major.minor.maintenance_build naming convention.

What do you mean you “looked at the XYplorer”? You can view the version history of XYplorer at

20.90.0900 was the final maintenance build for version 20.90.

Then, after that, version 21.00 was released.

Then, after that, version 21.10 was released.

I upgraded through each of those versions of XYplorer, not skipping any of them.

Here is the original screenshot if you’re interested:

I meant to say I looked at the XYplorer website.

I will share this with our team and see what’s going on, thanks for your report.

Can you tell me the page URL on the XYplorer website where you got your information that 20.90.0900 was the version directly prior to 21.10 (i.e. that 21.00 was skipped)? I’m active in the XYplorer forum, so I’d like to report the website mistake to the XYplorer developer.

I’m sure that if you were mistaken in your previous post you would have admitted it, rather than simply telling me that you got your information from the XYplorer website.

We have now opened a ticket to investigate this problem. I noticed that app uses super long version numbers so perhaps that is causing a bug we somehow missed. Thanks for your report so we can fix it.

Clearly, giving you the benefit of the doubt, @Ken_GlassWire, was misguided. You have no integrity, and are unable to admit fault.

That’s tough and I don’t think it helps resolve this issue. :thinking:

He was just trying to clarify what you were saying starting with the alert screenshot you posted. He was probably thinking that one of those version numbers was correct. Whereas you were saying that both versions displayed in the alert, 20.90 to 21.0, were incorrect and should have actually been 21.0 to 21.1. In other words, the problem was that both versions were incorrect rather than just the one he was asking about. Is that what you were saying earlier?

I’m interested to know if the chain of GlassWire alerts (like I showed for another app) for Xyplorer repeats any version numbers which would probably suggest that GlassWire uses the previous upgrade alert as the default data for the new alert. Then for some reason it is not being overwritten with the actual (correct) upgrade versions.