Auto-Switch profiles

What do you guys think about auto switching firewall profiles, based on network?


  • You’re at home, so your home wifi is linked to a certain profile you created.
  • You got to a coffee shop, so since its the first time connecting to that network, glasswire asks if you want to use some profile you already got, or create a new one.
    Now everytime you go to that coffe shop, glasswire auto-switches to the specific profile.

This approach will also serves as a killswitch for people using VPN. You could create a profile for the vpn, and as soon as the connection drops, glasswire would revert to another profile where you could be blocking all access…

I didn’t find any of this suggested already, so pardon if i’m wrong.
cheers :slight_smile:


We have discussed this before but those conversations were in other topics so I think that your suggestion deserves a topic of its own. I remember a specific discussion on this back in 2015, I think related to moving between different WiFi networks, but I can’t find that either.

Here’s some related topics with relevant ideas for handling multiple networks: