Laptop - differentiate usage per network (SSID)?

I’m on a metered connection (4G LTE account limited to 20 GB per month, $10 per GB after that) so it’s crucial to keep track of usage.

However, it looks like GlassWire doesn’t differentiate between locations. For instance, if I take the laptop to a different location (e.g. library, coffee shop) it simply adds that bandwidth usage to the total. I suppose I could switch to Incognito Mode when I’m at a different location, but there’s a significant risk that I’d forget to set it back to the regular mode and that usage would then not be recorded.

For wireless connections it would be best (essential?) if GW could keep track of the SSID. I’m not sure how you would track wired connections on a ‘traveling’ laptop, though.

Another (related) problem is that the “bandwidth overage monitor” loses most of its value when a laptop is used in multiple locations as all bandwidth is aggregated but the limits pertain to specific networks.


We will investigate adding this functionality in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Arie, I’m in the same situation with Verizon. Because I have multiple laptops in my network and multiple devices connected, I can’t rely solely on Glasswire for my throughput info (although that was the reason I originally installed it).

A couple of things that may help: 1) I added a Netgear router to subnet my private network inside the Verizon router. The Verizon router is now simply my gateway. Netgear and most other routers have functions that allow me to track my total throughput and set the “month” to my billing cycle. (The Netgear Genie app is especially helpful) That give me reliable verification of my throughput. 2) The Netgear also has let me verify that the data usage that Verizon reports is indeed correct and accurate.

You can get the throughput info from the Verizon router, but it requires manually noting the GB usage at a given point and then again at a later time (for example, start and end of your billing period) and subtracting to find the difference. But that is also what your Verizon Usage reports will tell you. I’ve been tracking both the Verizon report and my Netgear report daily for three months now. They match.

(You may also have seen reports that Verizon data is erroneous and results in costly monthly overcharges. For my part, I’ve determined that, as I suspected, that is almost certainly user error – failure to understand and manage data flow.)

I have two primary machines that use by far most of the data on my network. I intend to use Glasswire to precisely monitor the usage (including to identify heavy using apps) , but currently I’m having an issue with the remote monitoring function – that is being worked by the Glasswire team.


Is there any update about tracking the usage based on SSID? Currently I am using an iOS app called " Advanced Data Usage Tracker - smartapp " for this purpose, but it’s limited to mobile only. Would be great, if we can have this functionality in the GlassWire.

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I would like to be able to use the same functionality present in the Android App, where I could create measurement plans per App (here by apps and addresses) and add, separately, the consumptions because, in my plan, some of the streaming services are measured separately.