Differentiate Rules by network connection

Hi, so far as I can see Glasswire does not allow to differentiate between network locations. E.g. in Windows firewall there are 3 network locations known - public, private, domain. I would like make use of that in Glasswire - meaning allow certain apps only on private networks. Is that possible and how?

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GlassWire does not differentiate rules by network connection. If we get requests for this feature we’ll consider adding it in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Our feature list and help guide is here https://www.glasswire.com/help/.

I’d like to see it because Windows uses the Public versus Private setting to fit appropriate security settings such as defaulting to auto discovery only on a private network. It would be useful to limit network connections for some purposes, e.g. banking, when on a public network I don’t control or trust.

The control of applications on public networks to minimise security risks is somewhat analogous to control of phone apps for minimising costs when roaming, e.g prevent heavy data users like youtube app or netflix using mobile data while roaming.

However, I think you should first focus on providing the much requested monitoring options that you’ve already committed to:

  • multiple network cards on Windows
  • local versus roaming on Android
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