Block all System Tray Box

When I block all traffic a pretty sizable notification pops up above the system tray that remains there until I use another setting such as "ask to connect:"It doesn’t matter if I change the settings to NOT “enable tray notifications”. It still pops opens and just stays there.

First of all this is very annoying as some applications actually utilize that corner, and glasswire is blocking that area.

Second, not sure if this is suppose to hide if the “Enable Tray Notifications” checkbox is unchecked in settings, but I feel this should be a separate setting, as I don’t want that notification to hang there, but I still want to receive notifications in general.

But seriously, this needs to go, because it is truly disrupting my workflow. Very poor usability design.

While I’m here I might as well mention that sometimes, when turning off the block all traffic, glasswire can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to restore connection. This is pretty annoying as well.

We’re some of the many who agree that the notification is real annoying…

This is the reason we’re given:

My thoughts are unchanged from 3.5 years ago. This should be a setting that we can disable if we don’t want it:

Yes, it’s true we are scared of the support nightmare of having people accidentally block all network access to their PC, but have no idea what is happening.

Maybe we can add this hidden setting as suggested though.