Blocking by IP rather than application

Hi, is it not possible to block particular IP addresses while leaving the program itself unblocked? I know this can be done in Windows Firewall, but having to manually edit every instance would be a real pain and would kind of defeat the purpose of using GlassWire…?



We are actively working on host blocking.


Hello Ken,
Any updates on this?

We are still actively working on host blocking and we’ll probably implement it in several stages. Thanks for checking in.

Any updates? I feel like this feature is a necessity for any firewall system as its essential for blacklisting bad hosts from hacking you through specific application backdoor vulnerabilities. Please roll out soon!

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Since “actively working” on implementing IP Blocking feature, where we are at now? Without that feature, or Country Block, I don’t see a reason why I should purchase a license for the software. Thanx


Thanks for your feedback on blocking by IP address.