BUG 1.1.47b stuck "loading data" for daily/24 hour view of Usage and Graph

GlassWire 1.1.47b is not displaying the data for the “Graph” tab “24 Hours” view for today 11 Mar.:

Nor is it displaying the data for the “Usage” tab “Day” view:

I can also see that there is no data for two other days (8 Mar, 10 Mar) despite watching a few hours of streaming video on those days:

Reported to the team. Thanks for testing this unreleased version!

I closed the GlassWire dekstop application and services and restarted them. GlassWire now shows the correct Graph and Usage details since the restart but the lost data has not been recovered.

Restarting GlassWire also caused/revealed another issue. The bandwidth overage settings became turned off. As you can see in the screen shot I’d made the changes in the current session. I’ve now re-enabled them after checking the weekly warning worked: