Cannot connect to the local server and activation lost

GlassWire stopped working on my second laptop. It stopped collecting data between 12.47pm and 12.52pm today (4 August) and I only noticed it at 2.30pm.

It would not complete “Connecting to the Local Server…” when I tried to get it going again.

To fix the problem I had to end the GlassWire Control service and restart GlassWire.

It also lost my Pro activation code which I had to reenter once it was running again.

FYI, this is a different computer than the problem on my other computer where data logging stopped at 9.45pm on 1 August.

Did your computer upgrade to the new Windows 10 Anniversary Edition during the night/day? Sorry for the problem.

Mine upgraded, but I did not lose my activation or anything. I have noticed some other users did lose activation though due to the update but I’m not sure why it happened to a few of them.

If you need any Pro/Basic codes please email our helpdesk.

I’m still on 1511.with no upgrade to 1607.

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We plan to have an update out tomorrow or the next day. I hope it will solve the issue for you, but if not we have your email and we can send a logging version to investigate. Thanks for your feedback.

oh my god windows 10 being funny again.

Our update is now available at, and GlassWire is no longer in beta. Thanks!