Community translations poll

There is a discussion going between me and @Ken_GlassWire about localization efforts for GlassWire. You can read about it here.

There have been many requests to have GlassWire localized into various languages, and for the GlassWire team to cater for every possible language will be an impossible task for to achieve. So I made the suggestion to enable community translations.

To assess how the community stands in this matter, and I (this is on my initiative, GlassWire has not made any decisions on the matter yet) hereby present a poll for said opportunity. And before you click no, consider this:

  • This will provide us with the possibility to have the software localized into languages that would never have been considered by the team because of cost and time.
  • We get to help out in our locale ourselves. Maybe they even add our names to a list of contributors (At this point, this is just speculation though)
  • It’s a good chance to help make this software accessible to more people; People in your language, that didn’t have the chance to use this software because they don’t know english, will have the opportunity to use this software. (Since these are community efforts, I assume they will be included in the free versions).
  • You get bragging rights in the forums.
  • Maybe a special badge can be made for those who contribute?

So the question goes something like this:

If made possible, do you think community translations for your language would be a good idea? If so, would you help out?

  • No, I see no need for this in my language.
  • Either, I am indifferent to this.
  • Yes, but I cannot help out.
  • Yes, and I can help out too.

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If enough people think this is a good idea, we might see this possibility added in the future.

If you have any comments or suggestions to this, feel free to reply to this poll.

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Thanks for making this poll!

Also, what languages is GlassWire not yet in that people would like to see? You can see what languages GlassWire is already translated to by going to the top left menu for GlassWire’s Windows version.

For Android, GlassWire should automatically go to your correct selected language on your device if we have that translation.

Also, is everyone happy with the quality of our translations or no? We pay a third party currently. We chose translations based on how many installs we got from certain geographic areas.

Please let us know the details if you notice any mistakes with translations. Circled screenshots with corrections are the most helpful!

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