Constantly have to reactivate Glasswire

I have to remember to check my Glasswire activation frequently. I reactive each time. My activation code works, but why does your app keep deactivating? My next renewal purchase date in Jan 2023.
If I forget to check activation, it runs in the background without paid features in operation. How about a least a timely notification saying something like:

“Your activation has failed or is not currently active. You need to reactivate to use the features you’ve paid for.”

Thank you for your attention, Nemu


If I were you, I would first uninstall GW and then do a clean install.

Check to make sure you have the latest update. :grinning:

Same problem here, :confused: I think it is a bug

My GlassWire has dropped by itself to trial version several times. The reactivation succeeds with the original key.

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This has been an issue for a while that the current release was supposed to have fixed (see below). I’ve had my Pro license reset a number of times due to too many activations and am beyond annoyed with it.

Same here. Started happening when I updated to 2.3.444 though, never happened before.

My new Windows 11 laptop has the same issue with my Elite key. All my Windows 10 computers are fine and running the same version as my W11. 2.4.4400

If the key is expired, you may contact glasswire and try to reset the number of activations