DHCP and IP Addr with Remote Connection

I think I asked this question previously in another issue thread, but I never received a response.

When setting up a remote client connection, one of the parameters is the IP address. Many or most networks today use DHCP to manage IP addresses. So it’s possible (probable?) that if a remote client is rebooted, when it comes back on the network, the client it will have a new IP address.

It appears that Glasswire cannot correct for this. On my remote machine, I was not able to establish the remote connection with the original IP addr I used in setup after that machine was rebooted. I had to go in the Settings on my Glasswire client again and change the remote IP addr to the new DHCP assigned IP addr. And, of course, this required that I first determine on the remote machine what that new IP addr was.

This is manageable, but is still a rather significant limitation on the Glasswire Remote Connection. Am I correct in this observation? And is there anything Glasswire can do to pick up a change DHCP assigned IP addr and continue the remote connection activity?

It would be very nice to have the feature you want. But it is a normal practice to assign a fixed IP address for devices that need them. You can do this using the DHCP management features on the router/DHCP server.

Is the reason that you haven’t done this because you do not own or manage the DHCP server for the device that you want to monitor?

Remah, Thanks for the suggestion, but the reason I don’t want to assign a static IP is that this laptop is often transported elsewhere by my wife who is not real comfortable with network options. So DHCP is much easier to manage. It’s far easier for me to determine a new IP and change the Glasswire remote connection parms than to have her muck with settings that could cause issues (lots and lots of issues… :<).

That being said, change the remote connect parameters is still an inconvenience.