(Feature Request) DARK MODE

As mentioned countless times on this forum, GlassWire NEED a dark theme for night time use at the very least not to mention for those who would like a dark or negative theme to coincide with the rest of their (dark) windows theme.

It shouldn’t be too hard, please make this happen MY EYES BURN AT NIGHT! :slight_smile:



Update: Dark themes are here!

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Dark Themes are sweet, don’t get me wrong, but have you considered a program like f.lux for night use?

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That is completely not what im looking for but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I use Flux, it’s cool.

I understand the “dark themes” are cool to some, but the implementation in some apps makes them almost unusable – difficult to discern portions of the window. For me, this is probably a difficulty of aging – but there are a few of “me” around. I hope that “dark” will truly be an OPTION.

(What I need from some apps is the ability to either disable “dark” or go to another color theme.)

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GlassWire’s new dark theme is here! Upgrade now.

Han pasado tantos años :), jajaja pero muchas gracias, nunca es tarde :).


Sorry for the long delay. :+1: It sounds easy to do this but it was quite complicated due to how complex our UI is.

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Stunning addition to a great piece of software - I can sympathise that it took a restart to go from the light to the dark side, and I’ve completely fallen for the aqua and pink because it reminds me of my favourite night-time cityscape, but you’ve easily doubled the available skins naturally. Plus appeased a bunch of avid users who will support your efforts in the future - I’m talking about indie net bods, of course.

Night night all

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