[Feature Request] Night Mode / Full Window Skins

I love this product for personal use and have it running with a collection of other things on a second monitor. I would very much like to buy this product in order to also use it as for my server monitoring.

Trouble is, it’s bright white and literally gives me a headache. Things that need to stay on screen permanently should always have a dark skin (or night mode option) to avoid eye-strain, headaches and screen burn.

I know there are skins but they only colour the graphs (on a separate note I swear whoever named those colour schemes is colour blind?).

If this was added I would happily pay :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. We’ll try to make the UI more readable in the future to help avoid eye strain.

If you change your full OS window color settings does it not make changes to GlassWire also?

Well In my case it didn’t
I am using windows 10 and I am using windows 10 dark theme it not officially supported yet but I can enable it via Registry

So plz add this feature thanxx

I have W10 dark mode too, a dark theme for GlassWire is all I need to go with my dark theme MSI Afterburner and dark theme Corsair Link :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool idea. We’ll try to add a dark theme in the future. Can you give some examples of the colors you prefer?

Basicly a theme with the colours inverted to negative as a theme or switchable user controllable night mode. As it is at the moment using standard white themes, GlassWire is the brightest “always on” application on my desktop. :slight_smile:


Just using the Windows theme colors, like most applications, would be good too.


Any update on this???