UI theme colors problem

Hey, first let me say this app is very good.
But, I personally use a custom theme for windows that change the default colors, and it seems your app uses a mix of hardcoded colors and some taken from the user’s windows theme, so it looks like this in my case: http://i.imgur.com/1z7Fs2f.png. The theme I’m using is this: http://fav.me/d6ubr6e.
Small problem but hurts usability a bit.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll investigate and come up with a fix.

Totally agree with Lea. Looks a useful app for sure, but, it hurts my eyes badly!!! Cant even change fonts. This may end up with me deleting the app, which would be a shame.



The UI is quite amazing, I really love it…
But I would really apreciate darker themes, so I can use Glasswire without frying my eyes or being force to put the light on.
In fact a luminosity cursor would be a very good option.

Thanks in advance
See U

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Any other suggestions for colors from everyone? What colors would you like to see and can you give us examples of other apps with these colors? Thanks!

As you asked:

Windows desktop colors. I’m sure that it’s already been suggested. Maybe it could work using matching foreground and background values as well e.g. captiontext and activecaption which also gives you CaptionText on ActiveCaption for the overlap.

Accounting colors are red for negative values and black for positive values.In GlassWire network usage is always negative but you could use black for outflows and red for inflows or vice versa.

Color-blind colors avoid red and green together and often uses yellow and blue or red and blue instead:

Microsoft article: Can Color-Blind Users See Your Site?

Solid colors instead of pastel colors with an outline. Probably requested already.

Hi Ken,

To be honest I must say that I really like the colors range (standart)…but with natural light decreasing they’re becomimg annoying, when night comes.

I was thinking of using a Photoshop like grey (backgrounds / toolbars), and maintaining the transparency and color combinations. A background close to RGB: 50.50.50 would be nice. or maybee a day / night toggle.



seemingly I ran out of replies so this comes 16 hours after I wanted to post it.
@Remah you list of ideas for colors isnt bad but let me add one thing:
CUSTOM Colors: having the ability to add any color you want for the graph would be really nice and since the theme setting only affects the graph I would say that the rest of the software should use system colors.


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Custom colors was asked for elsewhere as this thread was on the UI theme colors. That’s why I didn’t include it here.

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Sorry if it seemed like I was criticizing you. I wasn’t. :relaxed:

I just like to include links to related discussions so people can follow the many related requests.

no problem, there are probably even more similar threads so this could happen anytime.

Nice to know it’s been noted - when could this happen?


This problem is long gone and existed only in GlassWire 1.0… What version of GlassWire are you using if you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About”?