Filtering Usage Help


I’m a new GlassWire user and I’m trying to evaluate the program. I’m using GlassWire Pro. On the Firewall tab there is a Firewall switch (which is ON) and a drop down set to “Ask to Connect.” Then there are a number of applications on the system. The only options I seem to have here is to block an application or not. I was hoping that GlassWire would support a more robust blocking and filtering driver. In particular I was hoping to filter specific hosts/IPs associated with applications and run in full whitelist mode. I’m hoping this is just a user error on my part and I didn’t just waste my money on this application. The first problem is that I cannot get GlassWire to consistently “Ask to Connect” - it is allowing tons of requests through without asking me anything.


  • Host Process for Windows Services (svchost.exe) is actually a bunch of win32 service modules loaded under different instances of svchost.exe. If I block this then I cannot get DNS resolution to occur any longer, clearly undesirable. However Windows sends lots of telemetry out from services and thus I cannot block the telemetry IPs individually.

Perhaps I’m getting this wrong and just don’t know how to use the program. Please enlighten me.


GW will give you a comprehensive answer but GW uses Windows Firewall and I take it ,unless GW has modified the firewall then MS rules apply . You can block individual IP,s using Windows Firewall by getting up start and typing in firewall and clicking windows firewall with advanced settings there is then a long list of select and clicks but as I may have the wrong end of the stick in what you want I will leave it to GW.

Unfortunately we don’t support host blocking yet, but we hope to add host blocking in the future. We cannot block the Windows telemetry IP addresses yet.