Firewall slow on off toggle

I normally operate the firewall GlassWire in ‘Ask To Connect’ mode which works great. Occasionally I will need to drop the firewall for brief period. Recently I have found that this takes longer than expected. Turning the firewall off takes 54 seconds. Turning it back on takes 18 seconds. I am sure these used be be near instantaneous operations. Is it processing each rule individually rather than simply operating a ‘master switch’.

Yes, the more complicated the rules the longer it can take to turn the firewall on/off. It’s due to the API we use and there isn’t much we can do about it unfortunately.

I will share this with our team to see if something has changed since we last investigated this problem.

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Thanks. I know Windows Defender monitors firewall changes and so perhaps that is a factor?

No, it shouldn’t have anything to do with Defender at all.

Consider yourself lucky. It takes mine 13 minutes to turn off and 13 minutes to turn on. Its ridiculous.

I normally don’t switch GlassWire all the way off, just change it to “Click to Block” and it still alerts me every time a new connection is made, although outgoing connections are no longer blocked by default. This is handy when running installers that may fail if the internet is unavailable to them.

There is still a bit of delay during the change, as the firewall rules still need to be massaged via the Windows API.

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I find that switching between modes takes much longer if you have a lot of rules. Turning the firewall off/on already takes a long time, but the mode switch is much slower.