Fonts and UI for 4k

It would be nice to update your UI to be DPI Aware for 4k display support as more and more users are doing 4k and will soon be the new standard im currently using a Vizio 4k tv as a display @2160p or 3840x2160 and a DPI of 300% i can barely read fonts and my display setting defaults to that setting…

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We are working hard on updating our UI for 4K, and also allow users to change the font sizes. Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you normally i don’t mind fonts but since i change to 4k like 8 months a lot of programs had had updates for 4k or DPI aware apps Snagit was one of the most recent updates and did a wonderful job on scaling with your DPI i currently use 275% or 300% DPI Scale as i use a 55 inch Vizio as my monitor thanks for your hard work i love your software…


Same problem here. Maybe not so intense, but the GUI appears kinda blurry on a 23’’ 2K monitor set at 125% by default. I love the UI and the software in general, but this is a bummer.

Our next major 2.0 update solves this. Thanks!

That is great news! Any date to expect the new version?