Future Feature Requests!

I like to see of course the Remote on Android to access PC’s data but even more PC to access androids data. I know it’s on the list. I sadly made a thread about the status on it then noticed this darn thing bad me :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I like to see something simple is an option to disable Androids dimming / screen off function while using glasswire. I like to keep it plugged in and just watch it while tethering. Sadly android has no screen off disable function but apps can actually do this and rather not have to rely on third party.

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Hi. I’m trying to get a Little Snitch like experience on Windows.

The three features I would like to see, in order of priority:

  • Geomap of IPs and connections (someone else asked for this)

  • Ability to say Block this forever, for 15m, 1h, until I logout

  • Syndication support for block ip’s and hostnames (little snitch just released this) feed

I used Glasswire awhile back but I need a bit more feature parity with Little Snitch before I use it.



Thanks for your feedback. What does “syndication support” mean exactly? I searched around on Google and could not find anything about that term and Little Snitch.

From LS homepage:

Subscribe to blocklists

Benefit from the community’s expertise: Subscribe to rule groups from other users and prevent your Mac from connecting to selected ad servers, phishing servers, trackers, etc.

Protecting your privacy has never been easier.


Multiple modes: Currently GlassWire has two modes of firewall; on or off. I suggest having other ways to limit the bandwidth that can consume each application, for example: closed, low, medium, high and open, where closed and open correspond to the current on and off.

The reason for this suggestion is to be able to limit applications such as windows update that depletes the bandwidth for 3Mb connections or less.

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This thread is a bit old. Lots of ideas. The most “likes” any suggestion received was seven. My request for a fixed scale in the graph received six likes. I originally requested this during version 1.0; two and half years ago. Yet it hardly receives lip service. I have purchased GlassWire, yet, sadly, don’t use it at all as the constantly varying scale this makes the graph very cumbersome for me. Can’t make a quick glance to assess. Have to look at the scale and do mental work to absorb it. Would really appreciate this, what seems to me, basic request.


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I would like to see the ability to block an executable from using the network via windows shell click. The ability to right click on a file and block it from the internet. Man, if you could add that, it would be great!


Hi all those at dyna-awesome Glasswire,

I’ve looked through the requests…not with a degree of intensity, but from a UX (user experience) perspective, I’d like to address some issues.

  1. I’ve noticed a carry-over of apps when switching between saved firewall profiles which weren’t originally apart of the listed apps of a previously viewed saved profile. I may be bringing up an issue already stated, but I didn’t see it in my initial searches. * I reviewed the “firewall tab” information: I used the same option “Ask to connect” while switching between profiles.I hope this helps to narrow the trouble shooting process.

  2. As a result of the issue occurring in my first inquiry, manually deleting apps - selecting the “x” to restore a previously created and saved profile its original state over and over, is a bit time consuming. Has this occurred for other users, or is it related to my system?

  3. Addressing the UI - (user interface) regarding the selection and removal of apps from the list is not a fluid process.

May I offer some humble suggestions?

  1. Displaying a radio selection box at the top of the column which would allow users to

    A. Select all apps if desired
    B. A square/circle radio box for users to select individual desired apps
    C. After desired selections - delete unwanted apps from firewall profile.

My thought process regarding this suggestion is related to speed and efficiency for the user. This would foster a more positive user experience and increase product use desirability.

I’ve been mulling over this for a couple of months. I love your work and hope the book provided some insight.

Hope all is well, Keep up the great work

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Export report for all function.

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Don’t know how actively this is being looked at but I’ll give it a try.

Usage tab:
Search bar for ‘Apps’ and ‘Hosts’ columns
Option to monitor an app (log IPs connected to with the timestamps and the network traffic in a text file)

Firewall tab:
Search bar for ‘Apps’ column
Multi select to delete multiple entries at once
Add the possibility to block IPs -> Add a ‘Block’ entry to the IP 1

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This thread is actively checked @SGP. Thanks.

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[Feature Request - Windows]
Glasswire without GUI for remote servers. Please introduce version or *option on default software settings for run glasswire without gui.



I’d love to see the mobile app have access to PC data, on the flip side ability to add mobile into desktop app too

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I know this has been requested in the past, but traffic shaping (throttling certain applications). It would change this from a pretty nice tool to a must have.

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I’d like to have a widget for the taskbar (not the mini viewer) displaying the current bandwidth usage. (Like e.g. NetSpeedMonitor does)

Or does this exist already and I just can’t find it?

If this gets added I’ll instantly buy ELITE.



Thanks for your feedback. No, we don’t have that yet.

I am on Hughesnet satellite internet provider. They have two service windows. One is their Bonus hours between 2am and 8 am. The other is Anytime usage which is the rest of the time window. We get 50 GB a month in each category. Our interest is to be able to examine which machine is using during Anytime hours, so a filter that could be employed to not only ignore internal network traffic, but also to ignore bonus hour traffic when we are trying to identify a machine that is burning up our data. Current we have to use the sliders on day view when trying to identify a problem machine. Of course due to the fact that we have Ipads and Iphones having glasswire router based would be be ideal since apple does not seem to allow you to code glasswire for them. Would the tomato software which we are currently using on our router support this functionality via plugin?

Please add the possibility to start when windows starts and/or minimized!


GlassWire should run on startup. See below.

Please add a way to limit the bandwidth rate of specific programs, and maybe the overall bandwidth rate.

I’ve been holding off on buying this for about two years waiting for you guys to add it. I’m sure there are others like me out there. I’ve just been using NL and the free version of glasswire. Please add this so I can kill my NL license. I’d prefer to have one universal bandwidth monitor/control program. (I’m not sure about rules regarding referring to other products so I just used the product’s initials)

Seriously I really want to buy this, but without a bandwidth limiter it’s just not worth paying for two licenses.

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