GlassWIre 1.2.79 is here!

With GlassWire 1.2.79 our team spent a lot of time rewriting how our “network” feature works for our paying users, and the results have been great!

Check out this Blog post to learn what’s new and upgrade now!


Very nice! I’ve been running 1.2.79 for several days now as a beta – completely agree with it being released! This morning, my laptop started showing signs of misplaced pointers (it wouldn’t even respond to the lower left corner Win10 icon), so I shutdown and rebooted.

When I reboot, I have the laptop start up on a slow, unlimited data DSL network to ensure I always have control over usage. A quick click on the wifi icon, switches me over to the fast Verizon wireless. Within a minute after the switch, as I was watching the Network listing of devices, everything changed over from the DSL to the wireless network.

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Fixed a bug where some users would click the GlassWire icon in the Windows taskbar tray and nothing would happen.

What exactly did you guys do to ‘fix’ this? I couldn’t reproduce the issue again so far for some reason and the thread on this never specified exactly what was causing this unfortunately.

Also any ETA on Update is way too intrusive? Would be nice to have this before the big 2.0. Unless you plan to change the underlying mechanism of course.


I’m not sure how the taskbar problem was fixed.

We may change the update system before 2.0 is release if there is time.