Update is way too intrusive


Let me start by saying that Glasswire is a very beautiful application. Been installing it on all my machines ever since I discovered it. Unfortunately its update notification is way to intrusive! It takes the focus of any (exclusive) fullscreen application or game and sends them to minimize to show me that it wants to update.

Please fix this as soon as possible as it’s extremely annoying.

Oh and side suggestion: it would be nice to have a direct link to the changelog on the website.

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We plan to add auto-updates in the future soon after our 2.0 update, but not immediately. Sorry for the problem.

Change logs are here https://www.glasswire.com/changes/, but perhaps we can add them to the notification. Thank you.


I wasn’t exactly referring to auto-updates. More to the fact that whenever there’s an update, the dialog that pops up takes all the focus. A less intrusive way to add an ‘update notification’ is to make an alert of some sorts that increases the number count in the tray (like the regular alerts). That way you still attract the users attention to check out what’s up.


Good idea, thanks! What I meant by auto-update is that it will kind of work like Firefox/Chrome where it will update and then you’ll see a less annoying notification about it later.

Auto updates is a nice feature to have indeed, but I hope there will be an option to enable or disable it.
Keep up the great work!

I was looking into purchasing the software to support you guys, but unfortunately you guys charge the humongous tax (21%) we have here on top of it.