Glasswire for Enterprise use

Good day,

I have been using GlassWire now for a few months privately and I am very pleased with the application. I am looking to introduce it to my cooperate environment and I have a few questions:

  1. With the elite version, Can I install it on all the machines in my domain (250 incl servers) and be able to access/monitor the application remotely from my office?

  2. Is it $199 once off or that is a monthly subscription fee?

  3. Can it be setup to send reports monthly from individual users about their usage and behavior?

Thank you.

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GlassWire Elite can allow you to access remote PCs, but we don’t recommend you connect to all the 250 PCs/Servers simultaneously because it makes our UI unwieldy. Instead you should connect to maybe the most important 5-10 machines, then only connect to the others when you need to.

You can test this with our free software with one remote connection before buying.

Elite is a one time fee.

3 - No, you have to logon and check the software yourself to see the data.

Thanks for considering upgrading!