GlassWire for the enterprise

I’ve found this thread that somewhat answers my questions:

GlassWire Elite can allow you to access remote PCs, but we don’t recommend you connect to all the 250 PCs/Servers simultaneously because it makes our UI unwieldy. Instead you should connect to maybe the most important 5-10 machines, then only connect to the others when you need to.

You can test this with our free software with one remote connection before buying.

Elite is a one time fee.

3 - No, you have to logon and check the software yourself to see the data.

Thanks for considering upgrading!

But I’m looking at installing this on sensitive servers and workstations, about 30 total. Is that going to be outside of the ‘comfort’ level of the software? Also the question for logging wasn’t answered. Do I have the capability of sending logs to a SIEM like alienvault for data collection and auditing purposes?


Thanks for considering using GlassWire for such a large network.

We don’t have a way to export our data yet, but we hope to add that ability in the future.

For 30 PCs, we have had customers use GlassWire for that many PCs and we have improved our UI for that purpose with GlassWire 2. If you want to try our Elite version it allows you to connect to unlimited PCs.

Please note you don’t have to connect to the PCs all the time, you can only connect to the remote PCs when you are at your workstation and when you have to see their data. We hope to improve this experience even more in the future.

You can try one remote connection for free before purchasing.