Glasswire for ios?

Are you ever gonna create a version of glasswire for ios?


We probably will at some point, but iOS does not allow traffic stats per-app so it may not be as cool as the Android version.

Any follow up on this? Since ios now have stats per app on its setting app


That’s true, but just because the OS shows this doesn’t mean developers can access it. But we’ll investigate again at some point. I agree it would be cool!

Just so you know though we have no iOS developer at all currently.

I am iOS user, and It would be really nice to have glasswire for ios

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I’m also interested in seeing an iOS app even if it’s just to remotely control the GlassWire app running on my servers.

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From an iOS perspective, I am just looking for notifications, or firewall setting on the app installed on my computer. The iOS app itself does not need to scan my network.