GlassWire for MacOS

Hi, was just wondering when Glasswire for mac will be released?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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We were waiting to release GlassWire 2 for Windows before finishing the MacOS version. Now that GlassWire 2 is done for Windows we can move on to GlassWire for MacOS. I have tested something, but it’s still very early so it will probably be many months until it’s ready.

We will release a beta, or maybe even an alpha when the software is reasonably stable.


Ok :stuck_out_tongue: Been using GlassWire for Windows for little over a year, and feel i need it on my Mac as well now :slight_smile:


Please release Glass Wire on Mac as well :slight_smile: this is quite critical for me.
Thanks so much for bringing such great products to the world…! :slight_smile:

Any news about the release date of the beta…? Where can I download and test it…?

really like glasswire cant wait for the mac osx version also be good if u can get like a 3 licence key for windows mac osx and ios that would be awesome just something to think about first heard about u guys from linus tech tips
keep up the good work


Mac/Win licenses will be compatible. :+1:

So… its been a LONG time since Windows V2 came out… Mac version coming anytime soon??? I renewed my license because it sounded like it was close… 5 Seats but 2 are waiting for Mac… :frowning:


We’re shooting for this Summer! Sorry, it’s more difficult than we thought and we’re actively working on it. :+1:

How do you define “Summer”? I wouldn’t have renewed honestly if I knew it was going to be this much longer - still… happy to beta test even (or Alpha for that matter). Have a rather robust network at home too…

I would have just bought Glasswire if it were currently available for mac ://

If I buy a “Pro” license now, can I use this license (Planned: 1xWindows, 1xAndroid, 1xMacOS) on my MacBook without any additional costs, as soon as GlassWire is also available for macOS?

The answer “Mac/Win licenses will be compatible.” by Ken_GlassWire, is not 100% clear to me…

Yours sincerely

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Basically you’ll just insert the activation code with Mac exactly like you do with Windows, and the codes are identical and the process is identical and cross compatible.

For example if we released the Mac version today (which we are not unfortunately) you’d install it, then go to the top left menu and choose “activate” then paste in the code from your Windows order email. GlassWire Mac would then say the software is activated and ready to use just like it says with Windows.

I hope that clears it up for you? Sorry for any confusion.

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I’m planning to buy Mac…hope the Mac version will be available soon.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Ken_GlassWire - any rough idea on beta?

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Crickets… Too bad. Really was looking forward to a Mac client. Bought the 10pc version just to cover my macs at home…

@Ruffo - Its been almost 2 years since they talked about it. It clearly isn’t a priority for them so I’d recommend not buying it if you are planning for the Mac version to every show up…

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The UI for the Mac update is almost finished, but we’re a bit behind on the backend. We hope to have a beta out this fall.

Hi any update when glasswire will be release for mac osx

We are hoping to have it out before the year is over.

Will we have the macOS version soon?

Should be out by the end of the year.