GlassWire for MacOS


Hi, was just wondering when Glasswire for mac will be released?
Thank you :slight_smile:



We were waiting to release GlassWire 2 for Windows before finishing the MacOS version. Now that GlassWire 2 is done for Windows we can move on to GlassWire for MacOS. I have tested something, but it’s still very early so it will probably be many months until it’s ready.

We will release a beta, or maybe even an alpha when the software is reasonably stable.


Ok :stuck_out_tongue: Been using GlassWire for Windows for little over a year, and feel i need it on my Mac as well now :slight_smile:


Please release Glass Wire on Mac as well :slight_smile: this is quite critical for me.
Thanks so much for bringing such great products to the world…! :slight_smile:


Any news about the release date of the beta…? Where can I download and test it…?