Glasswire not tracking mobile data usage on Android 10

Hi, i have recently encountered an issue with Glasswire. I jist updated my OnePlus 6t to Android 10 (OOS 10). Previously also I have been using Glasswire without any issues. But currently, Glasswire only tracks WiFi usage. The Mobile Data usage counter is stuck at 0 B as in the screenshot below.

I have checked all permissions, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, granted unrestricted usage access and all other permissions and have also cleared cache of my phone and tried with no luck. Seems this issue is only with Mobile Data on Android 10. I kindly request the team to fix this issue. I really rely heavily on the app since it helps me keep track easily about my daily mobile data usage. I hope a fix is possible for the same.

I have attached screenshots of:
WiFi usage in Glasswire app
Mobile Data usage in Glasswire App
Android stock data usage which is shown in Settings

Since i am a new user i cannot post so many images so posting one by one.

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I have seen some other reports like this from others with your phone type. We are working on a major update that’s a complete rewrite that will be out in a month or so, and it should solve the issue permanently.

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following this,because of the same issue.


Some people who recently updated to Android 10 have found an uninstall and reinstall will solve the issue for some phone types. Please give it a try and see.

Meanwhile we’ll keep working hard on our next major update that will solve this.

Nope, doesnt work. Uninstalled and tried. Wifi shows fine, mobile data doesnt…

Screenshot for wifi

Thanks for your detailed reports.

We are working hard on a major update that will be out in around 30-60 days. This update uses completely different technology to count data and it will solve the issue with your phone type.

Thanks for your patience while we work hard on getting the app updated ASAP!!! :+1: @abhijeet715

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Still no update? 30 days have passed.


We hope to release it to beta soon. It’s not easy to completely rewrite an app from scratch, sorry.

Similar issue on my Nokia 7.1 after update tot Android 10! No tracking of data for my mobile data, haven’t tried wifi yet.
Looking forward tot the update! Take your time, we understand it takes a lot of work, love the app!

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Thanks for your patience and support.

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following tried all of the above,
unistall reintstall (with reboots in between)
nothing helps…
awaiting anxiously :slight_smile:

Sorry @joeri.heyman. We are working hard on the update.

@Ken_GlassWire thank you, let’s keep it real : this is a minor inconvenience and I would like to see it solved,
But i do not really care if this is tommorow or next month or… i know IT
I think it is a GREAT APP, and i miss it not working, but it is just inconvenient, I can still call and text and do whatever I want the same way I could as in the era before I used Glasswire, and during the use of GW. so I will not make a fuzz of this
So thank you for the update, and the correct and swift communication,
If I could choose, I would choose quality of the release above speed of release of the fix anytime!
And I think all users would agree with me, better to wait a bit longer and not have issues, that have a ‘buggy’ version quick.


Thanks @joeri.heyman.

I think you’ll enjoy the update. We worked very hard on it, and yes we still have to check it with our quality assurance team before we release the beta.

Once our beta testers then confirm the beta is working well we’ll release it everywhere. You can find the beta access option on our Google Play listing. Please note it’s not out as a beta yet, but if you join you’ll be one of the first to get the update as a beta.

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Same issue with OnePlus 6! Waiting for the uodate#

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Been having this issue on my one plus 7 pro running Android 10. WiFi data tracks fine and the firewall works but mobile data tracking does not work.

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