Glasswire not tracking mobile data usage on Android 10

Any news? This bug is still active

We should have a beta out soon.

Can we get an ETA here. I’ve been patient a long time, and this is my favorite data tracking app. Already signed up for beta. It’s February nearly now. Thank you.



I’m using it myself. I am hoping in a couple weeks or less to get the beta out.

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This comment has informative purposes only. The reported issue is happening to me too, but there is more: I’m using a Xiaomi Mi 9 with Android 10 and MIUI 11, and not only mobile data is not tracked (as reported here by other members), as on the first app launch after install it took an eternity - several hours - before it started tracking WiFi data, I couldn’t determine why, probably interference from another app.
Now WiFi monitoring appears to work seamlessly.
I’m not testing the firewall feature because in fact I don’t need it; MIUI has its own built-in kind of firewall where I can grant or deny WiFi and mobile data access for apps.
Concerning the mobile data tracking, probably this is an Android 10 issue, so I wait for the app update without rush.


When is the update goona come out? Even for beta tester.

Really like the app and use it on pc too but getting annoyed because of Android version not working on Android 10

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@shreyanshpaliwal @Trinitrotolueno @Nefarious_Niru

The update is now live for beta testers. Details are below.

Having signed up as a beta tester, today I received through Play Store version 3.0.331r of GlassWire for android.
I am therefore pleased to inform you that mobile data monitoring already works in this version.
I like the revamped interface too, but as a foreigner user I noticed that translation to my language is still incomplete; maybe I can help if you provide me a form to fill.
During the first testing hours I noticed that mobile data usage shown on the app for today nearly matches the value shown on native operating system app with an error of more or less 0,6%, which is good, however for some reason - and I can’t guess why - GlassWire is displaying almost the double of data amount shown on my operator website for current month (in this case concerning a uninstalled application that I no longer remember which was).
But these are only the first usage hours of this app version, I still need further testing to have a more solid opinion. For now I like the app and it is working.


Does your phone operator have “zero rated apps”? If so did you add them to your plan? There is an option for that.

For your plan, did you make sure to choose mobile only?

You can email me screenshots and details to help us figure out how it’s possible. Go to the actual app and choose the bottom right three line menu and choose “send feedback”. Please include screenshots in that email and EXTREME detail on what’s wrong if possible.

If glasswire can add their language efforts to for instance crowdin, we can translate to any language :slight_smile:

Edit: I will create/look for threads that talk about this specifically.


We quickly got the beta out in English. We’ll add more languages back over time but for now we figured it was more critical to just get the update out ASAP.

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Well, I really want to send you the requested feedback, but neither the app has the option to attach files to the report, nor it sends the report directly; When I tap on the “send” icon, the app (or system) prompts me to choose an app (GMail, Skype, File manager, etc.) to send the feedback comment, and then I ask myself “send to whom?”
But concerning your question, no, I have no “zero rated” apps and I didn’t add any app as “zero rated” to my plan.
I chose mobile (celular) only.
I tried to attach some screenshots here, but this site didn’t allow me to do it.


If you choose “send feedback” it should add our email address there. Not sure why it doesn’t for your phone type.

Please email me all the details to our helpdesk

I’ve just sent you an e-mail with screenshots.

I forgot to mention that my cell phone is a Xiaomi, so it has several peculiarities due to MIUI. That may be the cause. But anyway I already sent what you asked for by email.

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Today’s mobile data amount reported by GlassWire also matched the amount reported by MIUI, although with a minor difference of about 4% more for GlassWire (not expressive since the amount of data used was small).
I’m almost assuming that the difference I spotted yesterday when I updated the app was due to some problem during data importing from previous version. Now I wonder how could it be possible to gather data from a time when no mobile data were being tracked!
I will continue testing and comparing values reported by GlassWire with the ones reported by MIUI. If another incongruence will appear I will let you know.
For now the app is fulfilling my needs.


I’m glad the update is working for you! Yes, it’s possible that perhaps the discrepancy is from our previous version somehow.

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Having the same problem on Xiaomi Mi 8 after update to Android 10.


We have a new 3.0 version. Details on what’s new are here

You probably just need to go to Google Play then find our app, and press the update button.

I also had the same problem. it has no data usage monitor. Plus i had no Mobile data option,
it only gives me a wifi option. it has also no option “restriction data usage” on my phone, other apps has this option if it wants to connect thru wifi or data. Im running on miui 12

Im using the version 3.0.348r