GlassWire service stopped running

I’m on a Windows 7 Professional SP1, 64bit

I just installed Glasswire 1.1.41b.
When it starts, it says “GlassWire service stopped running”, but I can see in the services a “Glasswire control service” in status running.

I re-installed again, but (as expected) the problem remains

Please uninstall, then go to the “programdata” folder and delete the “glasswire” folder, then reboot and reinstall.

If the problem continues can you tell me if you’re using an antivirus that could be blocking our service from functioning? GlassWire works with most antiviruses.

The problem is solved.

How about delete the folder with the uninstall routine?

Thanks for your help

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Many people would not want their history data deleted if there was a reinstall. But I do think that this would be a useful option to allow.

Solved, but for how long?

@Alenn It should be fixed forever, once our update is released tomorrow. We think we solved this permanently with the update that we will announce tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

I had the same issue. I’ve been using GW for over a year now and never had any issues. One morning it just failed to run. I don’t use an antivirus or a firewall (except what’s built into Windows). There was no Windows update and I did not install and new programs or change any network settings. I like the product but I hope as it gains popularity you guys don’t drop the ball on quality. I got it work by the suggestions given here, so thanks for the help.

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@sartaj This Blog post explains why GlassWire failed to run for you and how we fixed it

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Thank you for that information. I understand it better now.

It is indeed better but still disconecting and I need to restart PC to connect again :frowning:

What is the point to have a firewall if it sometimes stop working!?

@Alenn It isn’t the Firewall that is stopping working, it’s our service that monitors your network traffic. The Firewall is still functioning when this happens.
Please contact our helpdesk and we can investigate why GlassWire is disconnecting from its service and fix it.